PRJ042 - Kellar True Relation of Monstrous Serpent

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  1. Dissolved at High Temperatures
  2. The Flat of the Tongue
  3. Knowing That You Know Nothing
  4. Corpse Dogs
  5. Hoop Stress
  6. Stochastic Processing
  7. True Relation of Monstrous Serpent
  8. End of End Moments

Format: DL
Price: £6.00
Released: December 2015
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Andy Pyne - Drums
Dan Cross - Guitar/Bass/FX

Reviews for True Relation of Monstrous Serpent, June 2016

'Kellar is Andy Pyne. Kellar is Dan Cross. Kellar is seismic in relation to the music making you move around it. Kellar is propulsion in relation to pushing you to engage with what you are hearing. Kellar is there because it needs to be, and it is up to you how you deal with it. Kellar is restraint and acceleration and mechanical power. Kellar is a creative force leading its own movement. Kellar is the pixelation of an incorrectly formatted file being printed. Kellar is meant to be pixelated – stop trying to force your perfection on that which is organic. Kellar is your chance to get away from hype and to explore the world around you. Kellar is above, below, and at eye level. Kellar is six letters with two repeated. Kellar is a new adventure. Kellar is HOOP STRESS. Kellar is from Brighton. Kellar is self released not only in product but in expression. Kellar is Dan Cross. Kellar is Andy Pyne.'