PRJ045 - Map 71 Sado – Technical – Exercise

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  1. Body House
  2. left facing
  3. 4PM IG1
  4. Urchin Stomp
  5. Pick-ups
  6. Evovaniss
  7. Change Vortex
  8. Tough Blondes
  9. dot screens
  10. void

Format: CD
Price: £11.00
Released: April 2016
100 Copies

Reviews for Sado – Technical – Exercise, March 2016

'Its what we expect. Its what we needed. From the stained concrete wastes of our anxious times, a reaction in the form of unhindered subconscious poetics and sparsely barracking electronic, quasi primal industrial, percussion. Produced in what sounds like the atmosphere of a flickering, buzzing strip lighted underpass, the collaborative forces of poet Lisa Jayne and beat provider Andy Pyne have merged to concoct an unnerving state of the union like soundtrack to our modern times, under the code Map 71 banner. A caustic but congruous pairing, Jayne is a regular performer on the circuit and originator of the chaos improvisation unit Ringlock, whilst Pyne records under the alter ego Ugly Animal and has played drums with Medicine & Duty, West Hill Blast Quartet, Kellar, Shrag, Black Neck Band. He has also performed live with Kid Millions’ Man Forever project. Here they team up to produce a frazzled electronic wasteland, combining an awkward jittery friction of post punk, the first wave of industrial noise and early 90s techno influences with a surprisingly rhythmic quality. Like a free jazz maelstrom of factory floor and deconstructed electronica, Sado-Technical-Exercise is a vortex of ideas, recalling Cabaret Voltaire, Einstürzende Neubauten, Fad Gadget and The Normal. Laying down an extemporized stream of composed observations, protestations and more cryptic descriptions in the style of resigned Lydia Lunch, or Ari Up, Lisa Jayne isn’t so much volatile as composed in her delivery style. And though up against a bruising barrage, she never has to shout above the constant sonic Molotov bombardment. Raw, primal and intense without screaming, rebutting the monotonous enervated feelings of despair, this meeting of minds works well together to create the most dangerous of sadistic noises.'