PRJ001 - Braer Rabbit Circuit trainer



  1. Circuit trainer
  2. Direct communication with Otis

Format: 7"
Price: £6.00
Released: January 2001
250 Copies

Reviews for Circuit trainer

Robots and electronic brains, September 2001

'Do androids dream of electric sheep? I’m sure I couldn’t say. None of the robots I’ve ever asked had any opinion on the matter – or were too embarrassed to talk about it. Oily dreams. Euurgh. But does Braer Rabbit dream of electric sleep? Still no actual evidence but my inclination after hearing the debut 7" would be the affirmative. Circuit Trainer is hardly more than the electric aural synthesis of the moment immediately after the Horlicks kicks in and some magic or other carries you hazily up the stairs to bed. On the other side, Direct Communication With Otis is the electronic aural synthesis of a dream during rapid eye movement about being chased around Hampton Court Maze, dressed as a tennis ball, by Tim Henman in stockings. Benevolently cracked electro.'

Splendid e-zine, June 2001

'Somewhere in-between the Kraut-rock genius of Can and the paralyzing psychosis of Caroliner, you'll find Braer Rabbit. "Circuit Trainer" offers avant-garde instrumental madness that borders on an industrial calamity; machine-like clangs create a rough backbeat while a flurry of indiscernible equipment badgers your eardrums. Imagine being trapped in a toy store and having everything come to life, drowning you in a flood of shrieks, creaking motors and out-of-control children's musical instruments. "Direct Communication With Otis" shifts to a more methodical approach, featuring hypnotizing percussion akin to a Balinese Gamelan, but without any high-pitched bells. Grumbling samples and hazy, washed-out keyboards float in the air, fashioning an eerie shroud. This nonsensical, outlandish offering dishes out more than you can handle, forcing preemptive action: you'll either embrace Braer Rabbit's noted musical eccentricites or be forced to throw this 7" into the briar patch. -- am'

Totally Wired, April 2001

'I got given this record in the pub. I don’t know who Braer Rabbit are something to do with local troublemakers Speedboat the drummer in particular I believe. Another slice of lovely 7inch vinyl, (it really does make even awful records a whole lot more likeable you know, ask the Stereophonics)! and a handmade sleeve and label - even better. It’s noodletastic this. A wobbly repetitive space age little number with a sexy lady saying something about asteroid storms at the beginning and end. The other side is more screechy and it sounds a bit like a clucking chicken is being tortured slowly - I’m sure this isn’t the case, someones rather annoyingly banging on a dustbin with an egg whisk too. Anyway we like this record a lot. This is D.I.Y without a hint of MDF. Check Out. (Sally Oakenfold)'