PRJ007 - Braer Rabbit Fat content



  1. Leon's kicking left
  2. Fat content: Trace
  3. Fat content: Trace (Dave Liteyear's Full Fat, No Content mix)

Format: 12"
Price: £8.00
Released: May 2004
300 Copies

Reviews for Fat content

Losing Today, June 2004

'There aren’t many things better in life than taking delivery of a new Foolproof release that’s for sure. Over the course of the last two years Brighton’s Foolproof have invaded these missives on numerous occasions to our much delight. Now slimmed to a duo (Puffinboy and Tiny Hunter) three more slabs to get the Hi-Fi drooling and the neighbourhood down and dirty shaking its ass. ‘Fat Content : Trace’ is the latest in a long line of storming dance funk mutations that leads out with the head warping hypnotic chill of the Dave Liteyear Full Fat No Content mix, a whopping feast that combines off centre grooves, interlocking drone waves and an inherently audacious white funk underpin. Imagine if you can an all star studio gathering between Baker steered New Order, Shamen, Cabaret Voltaire and EAR all collaborating on a humungous soundtrack for mind trip beyond reality. Flip over for the equally head expanding mind maze ‘Leon’s left feet’ where the familiar stutter like abrasive collision funk dynamics return to mess with your hair, reminiscent of the early 80’s gear put out by Afrika Bambaataa and Herbie Hancock as though putting Kraftwerk through some electric blender to cause a them to fly off into a tail spin. Last up and certainly not by any stretch of the imagination the least the original mix of ‘Fat Content : Trace’ on which we swear we can hear the strains of Sparks ‘Beat the Clock’ pounding loudly at the backdoor for what is ostensibly a touch of the Moroder school of infectious head numbing dance floor robotics. Smart dare we remind you.'

De:Bug, June 2004

'Und endlich wieder eine Ep von Braer Rabbit und wieder neues vom unglaublichen Foolproof Projects Label, die es hier auf dem ersten Track mal von der elektroiden Seite des Wahnsinns angehen und diverse unabsichtliche Äusserungen zu einer Next-Generation Beatbox machen, über die es wild klingelt bis der nächste Track uns zeigt, dass die tote Disco auch hier wiederbelebt wird mit einem brutalen Funk, der keine Gnade kennt und sich definitiv nicht nur im Club einfangen lässt. Auf der Rückseite dann der clubbigste Track der Ep mit slammenden Beats und einem hintergründigen Sound der einem die Leber aus den Ohren saugt. Überraschend funky und sehr groovy.'

Unpeeled, May 2004

'If you can imagine something as unlikely as VVM moving two steps away from barking mad, brilliant and vaguely accessible you imagination that not only does you credit, but probably gives rise to concern in some circles and a vague idea of just how thumpingly insidious and dementedly sexy this twelve incher is. An over-used word is 'hypnotic', but this record is. It has now stopped raining and the flipside is arguably better, life is good.'

Norman Records, May 2004

'Also bloody nifty is the new Braer Rabbit 12" , "Fat Content: Trace". Always one step ahead of any competition, this Brighton 2 piece comprise Puffin Boy & Tiny Hunter & make this kind of jaw dropping hypnotic future disco that transcends the constraints of the Electro genre. In the words of the boys themselves it's "A Liquid Liquid/23 Skidoo bass groove with vocal chants, grimy dub effects & off key editing" - much better than I could express it! The other tune, "Leon's Kicking Left", obviously about Jean Reno's aborted footie career, is "manic electroid samba". So there's a total retro-futurist vibe to this record whilst remaining immensely danceable. On Foolproof Projects. Class!'