PRJ004 - Braer Rabbit Munich beach club



  1. Barrio Escalator
  2. Bill Oddity
  3. Munich Beach Club
  4. Palmeira 25

Format: 12"
Price: £8.00
Released: January 2003
300 Copies

Reviews for Munich beach club

Record Collector, March 2003

'Foolproof is one of those great little labels, much like the Statics or even Isota, which churn out quality releases time and time again. This time the mood is slightly more horizontal than Puffinboy's last single (which we made SOTM!), and harks back to those records you find in charity shops that promise all with their arty covers, but just end up being big band recordings re-channelled through early incarnations of stereo. Braer Rabbit do deliver the goods though, one part bird song to two parts throbbing repetition - magic, in other words.'

Splendid E-zine, February 2003

'On each of their vinyl outings to date, Braer Rabbit delivered a glorious head-on collision of unpredictable electronic notions; their music, while nominally sample-based and frequently dance-floor-friendly, defies all but the most specific of categorizations.
For Munich Beach Club, the Braer Rabbit posse has afforded itself a vacation of sorts -- there's a summery vibe at work here that deflects even the coldest winter winds. "Barrio Escalator" opens the EP in spectacular style, dropping a French rapper and some chanting tribesmen over Latin percussion and a relentless bongo beat. It's basically an extended exercise in "build it up and break it down"; elements are gradually stripped away until only the driving tribal beat remains -- echoes of Psychick Warriors ov Gaia -- then dropped back into the mix in different combinations, building to an odd, disjointed finish. While mesmerizing, it may be a bit too long -- a case of riding the escalator up and down between the same two floors 'til you just want to get the hell out of the building. "Bill Oddity", which follows, has nothing to do with The Goodies -- it's a sort of post-millennial "Quiet Village", complete with bird noises, though its pervasive loopiness will make you feel as if you've been wandering around the jungle in circles.
The flip side opens with the title track, a muted and repetitive epic hewn from rhythmic, clattering percussion and a bobbing bassline. It establishes an impressive air of paranoid tension, but some listeners may find it a bit too linear. Ditto for "Palmeira 25", a gauzy concoction of blurry vocals, syrupy synth and bleary guitar, which sounds like it might have been recorded at 3:00 a.m. by a guy with a four track, a clapped-out Casio sampler, a huge collection of Blue Oyster Cult records and a substantial marijuana stash. In other words, they've apparently traded their metaphorical vacation for metaphorical unemployment.
All told, this isn't Braer Rabbit's most immediately arresting work, but even at its most ploddingly linear, Munich Beach Party offers surprises aplenty. The group's talent for creating feverish, borderline-hallucinatory sonic textures is clearly unrivaled -- think nu-chill with a whole lot more "nu" and a decidedly skewed idea of "chill". Don't listen for too long or your tongue will start to feel all hairy... -- George Zahora'

Norman Records, January 2003

'We like Braer Rabbit here at the towers and they've a spanking new 12" out Foolproof Projects. Always fresh and original, this 'uns entitled 'Munich Beachclub' and is 4 tracks of uncategorisable electronic ideas. The lead track has a speedy latin feel, kinda reminiscant of Senor Coconut but without the slightest whiff of kitch cheese horror, whilst other tracks bring to mind Lemon Jelly and other such masters of the art. Repetition features heavily on side 2 with hints of an ancient Lazerboy track that Jonathon Whiskey released about 50 years ago. See how the love spreads! Cracking percussive joy from Brighton and we've thier previous 7" and 10" releases back in too for anyone that missed 'em 1st time round! Hoppin' good!'

L'Entrepont, January 2003

'Begin dit jaar verschenen er weer twee leuke plaatjes op het Foolproof label. De uitlaadklep voor Braer Rabbit of neven projecten van één van de drie Braer Rabbit's DJ's; Puffinboy, Tiny Hunter of Le Funki Gibbon. De Munich Beach Club is intussen de derde schijf van Braer Rabbit en deze keer gaan ze de zuiderse toer op met hun eclectische rock'n dance. Op de "Foliage site" doet "Bill Oddity" denken aan de Spaanse zon, met het opgewekte geloopte gitaar deuntje en de zuiderse natuurgeluiden waarmee het ritme opgebouwd is. Zuid Amerika is waar het om draait in "Barrio Escalator", latine grooves, Franse stemmen, samba beats…. Een freaky zeer sterk dance nummer met veel variatie. Op de "Logo Site" gaat het er met "Munich Beach Club" en "Palmeira 25" relaxter aan toe. Een lome bas loop, live drums, een orgel drone en verschillende geluiden (soms omgevingsgeluiden) zorgen voor een gemoedelijk sfeertje.'

Soit dit en passant, January 2003

'Les vrais aliens sont à Brighton. On oublie Skint, la Boutique et Fatboy Slim, aujourd'hui les vrais freaks sont BRAER RABBIT et PUFFINBOY (le second faisant partie du premier). BRAER RABBIT se livre a un véritable travail de déconstruction de la musique électronique en éléments atomiques ; avant de reprendre tous ces bouts et de les recoller ensemble, dans le désordre, et de voir ce qui sort. La production ainsi accouché est assez incomparable, loin de l'experiment minimal de Richard D. James, ici nous sommes plus près de MUCHO MACHO ou LEMON JELLY... et encore la comparaison est difficile. Les genres se mélangent, les influences se croisent: autant de samba que de dub, de kraut-rock que d'electronica.'