PRJ018 - Medicine and Duty Brighter past impressions

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  1. Brighter past impressions
  2. Reconstruction manual
  3. Eagle-eyed and idolised
  4. Soft focus host
  5. The doctor is a busy man
  6. Random events cluster (feat. alan hay)
  7. Levelling out
  8. Comprehending the mechanics
  9. Badger watching
  10. Snatching defeat

Format: CD-R
Price: £5.00
Released: December 2009
150 Copies

Reviews for Brighter past impressions

Rock-a-Rolla, February 2010

'Medicine and Duty marry pared-down robotnik rhythms with post-punk agitation and free-for-all chatter. Most obviously beholden to the wilfull spirits of Can, Faust and This Heat, this fifth self-release full-length also makes some space for itself alongside the likes of early Public Image, Liars and a host of similarly oblique-angled kinsmen.'