PRJ011 - Medicine and Duty Clouds Burn Slowly

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  1. Drag Stripper
  2. Travis Click
  3. No last request for a heretic
  4. Full automation now achieved
  5. Clouds burn slowly
  6. El Dragoon
  7. No, we have
  8. The terrible truth (lock the tank)
  9. Halfway to opals
  10. Sandblast your past
  11. Face violence

Format: CD-R
Price: £5.00
Released: June 2007
100 Copies


Reviews for Clouds Burn Slowly

Head Heritage, September 2007

'There’s also plenty of useful, nay, essential brain damage to be had from CLOUDS BURN SLOWLY by Brighton’s Medicine & Duty, a singular ensemble whose sound is all their own, despite being forged out of such components as scribbly Solipsistik/Mars-style No Wave guitar skronk, terminally overloaded bass, chanted vocals and hand percussion’n’tea tray overload. These druids conjure up a similar atmosphere as late ‘70s Red Crayola and later period This Heat, the vocal delivery on one track sounding uncannily like the Last Poets doing Can’s mighty ‘Mother Upduff’. Music Lovers, you know you just cain’t resist such a rare groove! Claim your copy of this pebbly behemoth from Foolproof Projects (, or check them out at (Julian Cope)'

20 Jazz Funk Greats, August 2007

'Bursts of beautiful fury to make Oneida do the Spirit jig do swing and spill wild like the wicked witch of the East riding a broom which to be honest is also drum-stick and axe, there she floats in the eye of the black hurricane a stern childhood priest might have given you nightmares about, don't worry, they're here to free you from all the linguistic barriers standing between you and magic powers with the acid pendulum of a true psyche stomp...In Travis Click, off their last album 'Cloud Burns Slowly' they sound like Liars masticating a metronome made of razorblades to summon with the blood they drool the Insect Loa Baron Zaraguin, kind of scary but hey, no pain no gain. Really, someone release their stuff on vinyl, put them in the spotlight, the teenagers of today could do with more paganism and samba.'

Losing Today, August 2007

'Why oh why aren’t Brighton based Andy Pyne and Co better known and given more exposure by press and media alike. Over the course of the last few years the Foolproof Project collective have peppered our hi-fi with some of the most eclectic and electric performances its been our fortune to hear. Grafting an enviable body of releases beneath his belt via Puffinboy and Raised by Wolves - Pyne also features amid the ranks of Burning Idiot Noise whose debut release ‘Jack’s Stomp’ had charges over being one of the best singles of last year and can be currently sampled via a stupendous 2 disc set that comes adorning the latest issue of the cool as f*ck ‘Galactic Zoo Dossier’ (#7) where their track ‘I got the speed’ features in all its maddening glory, though we must grumble as to the fact that somewhere along the line we appear to have missed out on the mentioned ‘the e is the closest chord to ohm’ set. By the way at this juncture we really must pass on our thanks to Tom Tulipomania for sending us the aforementioned GZD.

So while he’s not busying himself with all the above as well as running the Foolproof Project imprint Mr Pyne spends his evenings terrorising the neighbourhood with fiercely erratic sonic jams with cohorts Matt Colegate and Jack Cooper under the guise of Medicine and Duty. ’Clouds burn slowly’ is the trio’s second full length following last December’s ’we will be bedfellows’ (another release would you believe that we’ve inappropriately managed to miss).

Limited to just 100 copies this scarred and schizoid set features 11 out there gems in the making, no stone is left unturned as the trio set their sights on frying your hi-fi - never keeping or seeking to keep still ’clouds burn slowly’ mutates in a rather curious and dislocated fashion drawing inspiration from a wide and varied spectrum of generic montages ranging from the loosely limbed and potently brewed no wave meets art rock manifestation that is (perhaps the albums centrepiece) ’El Dragoon’, tripping agitated tribal inflections meet white funk accents (‘no last request for the heretic’ - imagine ‘77 era Talking Heads dropped head first into the frenzied agit kraut grind of Public Image’s first album), psyche whiteouts, jazz nuances, classically contoured psychosis styled angulated post punk (’drag stripper’) - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

‘clouds burn slowly’ without wishing to demean it with such a term is an art house gem - cold, caustic, anti-septic, distant, disfigured and unnaturally acute and alarmingly addictive in recent times the only release I can recall that compares in equal statue is Left Hand’s debut ’Minus Eight’ though arguably Medicine and Duty’s vocabulary is slightly more varied you only need tune into the Henry Cow inspired loon jam of the titled track for affirmation of that.

Opening cut ’drag stripper’ is filleted with psychotically sneering spiked riffs that lacerate at will while been anchored and harnessed in a scalding straightjacket of bleached paranoia that to these ears is not so dissimilar in texture and design to ‘Wardance’ / ‘Psyche’ era Killing Joke. Early career A Certain Ratio are recalled on the crookedly twisted head shrinking anti-pop melange that is ‘travis cut’ though here spiked with lashings of a youthfully experimental Cabaret Voltaire. And while your idling your way through what you thought was just a simple little tension bearing fractured and minimalist stroll courtesy of ‘the terrible truth (lock the tank)’ the Killing Joke references (as are the Big Black) rear their ugly heads again as it soon shifts gear and dynamic to rear up into a frenzied cranium crunching beast of howling spite. The there’s the manic free for blitz of the mind melting ‘sandblast your past’ to contend with which neatly leads us to the trepanning experiment of the closing and dare we say devilishly lunatic ‘face violence’. A must in our humbled opinion.', July 2007

'Clash, Faust, no-wave and tribalistic from the outset, a hint of London's anarchic 80's..chanted distorted French? The drumming (esp on on track 4 'Full Automation Now Achieved') is a bit too spacious at times like not enough people joining in the drum jam at a hippy festival but the addition of terrifying punctuative electronics (guitar?) makes it seem like a piece of artistic statement. The album builds gradually in intensity and power and by track 6 'El Dragoon' feels as if they've loosened up and so do I. 'No, we have' is a slightly mellow experimental interlude, there's a maturity and confidence here which is difficult to put my finger on which, added with the overall yummy-weird, ragtaggle vibe means I will definitly be putting it on in 'the other room' (the family living room, which is the real acid test). Belief in themselves these guys definitly have and the excellent 'The Terrible Truth (Lock the Tank)'s slow-build from crazy, slow stoccato narrative to insane howling punk head-driller proves it. Moving on for a relatively melodic break in the image of a kid's thrown away broken music box whirring away under a heap of rubbish in 'Halfway to Opals' we are then kicked to extreme wall of noise land with the hyper speed and distortion advice of 'Sandblast Your Past' before a welcome return to the healthy atonal punk in 'Face Violence'. Right, the missis is back, let's turn it up from the start and see what happens.'