PRJ016 - Medicine and Duty The Imperial Black Fracture

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  1. The Imperial Black Fracture
  2. Shanghai'd again
  3. Zero double zero

Format: 7"
Price: £6.00
Released: August 2009
250 Copies

Reviews for The Imperial Black Fracture

Dusted, December 2009

'The Imperial Black Fracture” is a pretty cool stab at industrial-strength This Heat worship funneled through a machine shop where androids actually do dream of electric sheep. You know those warehouse factories that exist solely in horror/sci-fi movies and music videos, where the main export seems to be fire and sparks? This record is the soundtrack for the robotic worker drones in those factories. They listen to songs like “Zero Double Zero” when they’re raging against the machine (aka their boss, a big Robby the Robot looking muthafucka who wears a tie with LED lights on it). Lots of percussion, drums, sirens, bleeps and bloops that might have some Aa neo-primitivist vibe to it that I’m totally missing. Medicine and Doody have some talent. Someone at Vestron should hook these guys up with some film scoring work. (Mike Pace)'

Foxy Digitalis, December 2009

'Fun, hyperkinetic synth-noise-dance-punk from England. Side A (the title track) is a frenzied blast of rusty, cracked synths, a booming, wobbly electronic kick drum, and live hyper-disco drumming. It bounces on full blast like a psychpathic rave robot for a few minutes before it short circuits and collapses to the floor.
Side AA has 2 tracks. "Shanghai'd Again" has vocals from 2 of the band members (the ones not playing drums); one wails in the background while the other sings some lyrics that aren't clear enough to be deciphered. The music, as with side A, is fast, thrashy, and buzzy. "Zero Double Zero" is a bit of a breather compared to the other 2 tracks; it seems to only consist of uptempo tribal drumming, and a few plinky, buzzy synths, but not overloading the way the other 2 tracks are. 7/10 -- Paul Simpson (2 December, 2009)'

Losing Today, August 2009

'Blimey a bit mellow for Brighton’s finest rhythmic agitants but - oh er hang on this sounds a trifle bit ominous - seems we may have spoken too soon - in the distance I can hear the feint onward rumble of the kraut ju ju cavalry heading this way in a blaze of skedaddled disquiet. For a few years now we’ve been getting and - we should quickly add - enjoying the occasional aural intermissions being fired at will from the underground bunker known as Medicine and Duty HQ. Their skewiff sound has scarred, scalded and seduced our headsets brandishing all known elements of abstract afro beats, austere art rock, punishing prog, jarring jams, white hot white funk and anything else you’d care to mention that’s been of musical interest since the dawn of pop. There’s promise of a new album on the horizon though not before taunting and tweaking the turntable radar with this rather fetching tastily tantalising three track salvo which as it happens sees them appearing on wax for the first time. Bring it on and do your worst we say. And indeed they do for ’The Imperial Black Fracture’ shows no sign or hint of inclination that Medicine Duty are about to join the chasing pack any day soon preferring to furrow ever deeper into a crooked aural landscape purely of their own design. This is fried, wiring electronics, near breakdown tolerances, a fried and fraying slab of Dadaist kraut prog, suffocates your senses with its flat lining claustrophobia and to these ears mischievously cuts sublimely across the bows of both Echoboy and Add N to X. how about that for class then. Flip the disc for ’shanghai’d again’ - more of the same I’m glad to report, improvisation at its most impish and freeform which in another life could well be the missing link between Sunburned Hand of the Man and Volcano the Bear with an all too brief fleeting guest appearance from the Boredoms. Oddest moment of the set is the parting ’zero double zero’ which unless our ears do deceive had us much in mind of some junglist / ethnic jam conducted by a gathering of Konono No 1 and Black Dice types - need I say more is all I’m going to say.'

Norman Records, August 2009

'Medicine and Duty, two things which are important if you want to be an army medic. And if I was playing some online fragfest as one of the aforementioned I'd quite like to be listening to this 7" on Foolproof Projects during the parts where I'm blowing people's cocks off with grenades. I don't really know why, I'm just waffling becuase the record's only just started so I can't really review it just yet. Alright, I feel like I've got a bit of a hande on it now.. It's like some amazing skronky post-punk electronic noisefest and despite the fact it's only Tuesday I bet it'll be about the best single we'll hear all week. Disparate atonal sawtooth melodies/howls work for and against each other, forming grooves from chaos while some highly satisfying drum nutter goes frenetically gonzo all over his sweat-soaked skinz. These three tracks are a winning start to the week's reviews and the sleeve was designed by Dan White, San Franciso's most hated man - that's gotta be a selling point. 'The Imperial Black Fracture' is limited to 250 copies!'