PRJ010 - Medicine and Duty We will be bedfellows

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  1. Selmer the true voice of heaven
  2. Earthquake in sicily
  3. Kick that morning habit
  4. Escape tunnel
  5. Heliosexus approaches
  6. 123 on the cutter
  7. Giant forest hog
  8. That’s smoke, these are clouds

Format: CD-R
Price: £6.00
Released: December 2006
100 Copies

Reviews for We will be bedfellows

Brighton Source, February 2007

'There are sunburned hands all over this record, and they've indelibly seared a third eye into the frontal lobes of the band, a gift to help them navigate an astral plane of motorik repition, crippled grooves, wailing feedback and stormy clouds of noise. Krautrock if it was raised on wolves insted of schnitzel, the main trio of Matt Colgate, Andy Pyne and Jack Cooper summon you through drone - and you will be hypnotized. Just look into their eyes.'