PRJ003 - Puffinboy High livin' round Seven Dials

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  1. High livin' round Seven Dials
  2. It wasn't easy and it never will be

Format: 7"
Price: £6.00
Released: June 2002
300 Copies

Reviews for High livin' round Seven Dials

Losing Today, November 2002

'Puzzling title and an even more puzzling record. Boy oh boy, electrified dub antics at times wickedly confused and disorganized, but ‘High livin’ round seven dials’ really does rock in an awkward way, bastardized dance beats rub disconcertingly against drone chords like sparring boxers waiting for the first thrown punch. If truth be known very much reminiscent of early Suicide and the gear that Alan Vega did as RCTJ.‘It wasn’t easy and it never will be’ on the flip features sharpened ear piercing transmissions from what could be outer space coalesce into symphonic formations like some messianic tribune and rattle in stately processions, very charming and very inhuman.'

Splendid e-zine, August 2002

'Puffinboy is one-third of the thoroughly intriguing agit-electro outfit Braer Rabbit. These two tracks are his first time out on his own, so to speak. "High Livin' Round Seven Dials" begins with the sort of trebly run-up groove that's an essential part of every lo-fi garage rock album; the amp is turned down low, the reverb is up high and the strings are cleanly-picked, creating a threadbare melody that cries out for proper guitars to kick in. The thing is, they don't. I don't think there were any real guitars involved here at all, unless Puffinboy played that stark little loop himself. Soon enough, however, the point becomes moot; Puffinboy layers other samples over his skeletal tune -- bass rhythms, guitars, obfuscated vocals and heavy percussion. Sometimes the samples merge well with the existing rhythm, but just as often they seem disjointed and gratuitous, gradually building to a cacophonous conflagration that begins the tune's orderly downhill glide. I'm honestly not certain what to make of "High Livin'"; it never really comes to life, but there's something almost profound about its devout lack of purpose. "It Wasn't Easy and It Never Will Be" is equally ambiguous, albeit louder. Anchored by a disjointed sample-and-drum rhythm, it lurches along, embellished by seemingly unskilled (but almost frighteningly zealous) two-fingered analog keyboard melodies. It's so herky-jerky, so abrupt and squared-off that it gradually asserts itself as a post-damn-near-everything descendant of bombastic stadium rock; it won't get your pulse racing as well as, say, "We Will Rock You", but the two are more alike than you'd think. This is mad, inventive, feverishly freakish stuff, cavorting wildly on the razor-edge of instrumental übar-wank without ever actually falling in. I don't know what they're putting in the water round Puffinboy's way, but for his career's sake and ours, I hope he keeps it all for himself. -- George Zahora


Record collector, August 2002

'Single of the Month - Oh yes, we're liking this one. Here's an obscure little seven that will inevitably get cruelly forgotten, and then only remembered on return trips to your record box many months later. That always seems to happen to the best records, but Brighton's Puffinboy probably won't mind. He's created a beaty, yet dub-tastic pair of songs worthy of comparison at points to King Tubby (seriously) and the more bizarre library musicians of the '70's at others. If you can track down a copy of this limited beauty, then do so, it'll keep you warm in the winter.'

Robots & Electronic Brains, July 2002

'Puffinboy, High Livin' Round Seven Dials (Foolproof Projects) 7" Foolproof Projects by name, foolproof projects - as Roger Hargreaves would have said - by nature. Theirs has been a roster of perfection so far and this third release only ups the ante. It sounds like Puffinboy went to record some local guitar band, realised they were shit and came away with just a snatch of guitar, a half bar of drums and someone's mumbled "well fuck you too" as he made his excuses and left. Revenge is sweet: turning the pig's ear of the resentful unimaginative plodders into a silk purse of electronic editing genius. Nothing more than a staccato riff and a lesson in ways to reconstruct a beat, the whole thing descends into noise anchored to reality by your memory of a structure you only ever imagined was there in the first place. Truly great.'

Norman records, June 2002

'At last the new Puffinboy single arrives. Puffinboy is one chap from Braer Rabbit and I'm hopefully snagging both acts to do a split for a future Whiskey.mmmm Not sure if I should have said that yet in case it goes all arse over. Well I've gone and done it now. Anyway the lead track on this is a killer. Instrumental insanity with a Bootylicious style guitar riff going all the way through it. Man, this is good. I can't believe I said man. It's turning me hip so it must be good. Quite drummy, echoey repetition (don't ask me what that means). Quality, defies pigeonholing....'