PRJ006 - Puffinboy Short//cut

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  1. Short//cut
  2. Off//set

Format: 7"
Price: £6.00
Released: October 2003
200 Copies

Reviews for Short//cut

Splendid E-zine, February 2004

'I've got to hand it to Puffinboy -- "Short // Cut" made me wish I still had a club DJing gig just so I could stick it in the middle of a set and watch the dancefloor wreckage go down. There's a firm, resonant bongo 'n' woodblock rhythm loop at the heart of this bugger, layered over with various pieces of blippy-bloopy synth melody, vintage 1983. Kerry Davies from Domestic 4 provides the "vocals" -- a few dispassionately spoken sentences ("The shortest distance / between two points / is a straight line. / The longest is whatever you want," and so forth) hacked into chunks, then scattered throughout the track in rhythmically-pleasing layers. Then there's the truly magical bit -- "Short // Cut" gets a surprisingly durable groove injection from a wheezy-but-funky keyboard line. It's the sort of thing you'd expect to hear from Prince, if Prince was a homeless amputee who sat in front of a downtown train station every morning busking on a dying Casiotone, and it transforms "Short // Cut" into a low-rent electro-funk masterpiece. On the right dance floor, it'd be a revelatory experience, with people doing choreographed steps and all. Seriously, trot this one out at parties and let your friends make fools of themselves dancing to it. They'll thank you. "Off // Set" is longer, but not as interesting -- jittery kitchen percussion (read: pots and pans, probably) teamed with a placid two-note bassline and jabby keyboards. Bursts of well-tuned melodic synth-static add a bit of interest later on, but it can't top "Short // Cut" and in all likelihood isn't meant to. The right vocal -- i.e. eccentric, but totally unlike Kerry Davies' work on the A-side -- might have made all the difference. In the final reckoning, the quietly stunning "Short // Cut" more than balances the worthwhile but tepid "Off // Set", making this particular slab of vinyl a worthy investment.'

The Wire, December 2003

'The third single from the UK's Puffinboy is not quite as cracked as the last one, but it's still nice. The pieces on 'Short-cut/Off-set' are pretty different. The A-side has a conversational tone, a bit like a cabdriver who picks you up real late at night and has some loops blasting out of his radio. The flip is a neo-beat bongo-riven instrumental that will make you feel like you're covered with hot tar and driving fast on a wet road. A nice enough combo for one little record. (Byron Coley)'

Careless talk costs lives, November 2003

'Brighton's own coy electro-wizards with some chunky, loopy loops. Two thumbs up. (Everett True)'

Losing today, October 2003

'More electronic hysteria from singled out favourites Puffin Boy. Wiggling starkly sparse synthesisers mooch in a stuttered groove to waltz over vocals provided by Domestic 4’s Kerry Davies to provide a really neat dislocated symphony that moulds a shrill early 80’s texture as though Cabaret Voltaire are messing with Devo’s head while strutting their stuff on an android version of Studio 54, very wired and very up for it. Devilish stuff on the flipside as ‘Off // Set’ moves the goalposts several pitches down the road and marginalizes the mood with a spacey comedic feel that almost recalls the loopy theme from ‘Get Shorty’. Wigged out beats erratically jostle menacingly without a care in the world against a dippy electronic canvas that midway through appears to lose the plot and has a seizure wherein blind lunacy it runs riot to racing to the post with the chasing irregular percussion in quick attendance. Dizzy stuff.'