PRJ005 - Puffinboy Voodoo for beginners

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  1. Voodoo for beginners
  2. Meaningless muttering

Format: 7"
Price: £6.00
Released: April 2003
500 Copies

Reviews for Voodoo for beginners

The Wire, September 2003

'Beat-orientated stuff has to be pretty crude to make it around my house. That said, few beat records are as crude as Puffinboy's Voodoo for beginners/Meaningless muttering (Foolproof Projects PRJ 005 7"), which dissolves into a miasma of stuttering electronic croaks, harsh vocals and thick ugly loops almost before anyone can yell "hit the dance floor!". That's enough to give it 'legs' here.' (Byron Coley)'

Muzik, July 2003

'With tub-thumping, punk-funk drums, growling electroid synths and a Chicks on Speed-y voice bemoaning the fact that the "boys won't dance", if Puffinboy came from NYC instead of Brighton, the 'style' press would be all over him. Very chic, very now, and in the case of B-side 'Meaningless muttering', horribly appropriate.'

Unpeeled, June 2003

'SINGLE OF THE MONTH: Massively complicated and massively fucked up machine drum stuff that's a gorgeous nightmare of every glam schlocker ever. Topped with slash and paste rap nonsense about boys not dancing, cue trash guitar blasts and assorted wibbles. They live at www.foolproof and yes, we did nick the title from them & stick it on our cover.'

Robots & Electronic Brains, June 2003

'Voodoo For Beginniners comes on like a harder, harsher answer to Surreal Madrid’s Girls of the Night. Puffinboy rams a tribal beat up against a dirty square wave bass line, a super tight snare and a blast of static. Then he throws in all the bin-end synth squeals the early Human League couldn’t fit onto their records and tops it off with a girl you wouldn’t want to mess with repeating mind-bending cut-ups of "I wanna play with the girls that dance." When I interviewed him, Puffinboy said he wanted to spend more time on his records, make them better in every way. He has. Dancefloor? Check. Out there? Check. Foolproof? Check.'

The Brighton Source, June 2003

'Dense, claustrophobic, skeletal electro lashes out against smooth, thrusting mantras of hypnotic murmuring, like being sonically smoothered and jabbed enough to make you cry. The machines are already thinking; the next system crash will only bring the evolution closer.'

Losing Today, May 2003

'Do you ever get those times when a release comes along and shags with your head, or is that just 1) me or 2) it’s illegal? Okay then we’ll scratch that then. Let’s just say that this is totally screwed up. Second release from Brighton based Puffinboy who when he’s not strolling into recording studio unaccompanied is also a bona fide fully paid up member of Braer Rabbit. ‘Voodoo for Beginners’ is more aural tomfoolery from the man who brought for our delight the amiable albeit puzzling ‘7 dials’ single a little while back. This time he serves up some deeply worrying out of control beats merging them with some of the most disbelieving dislocated rhythms and an array of mish mash styles ranging from robotic drone disco (the type that would make Add N to X ache with envy), fuzzed out electronics and some audacious 80’s pop segments. The end result can only be described as a death match between Herbie Hancock and Front 242 with Arthur Baker cowering behind the controls. Strangely likeable. Flip over to ‘Meaningless mutterings’ and the one thing I will say is Devo fans beware, you have been warned. Awash with superbly executed repetitive layerings that almost leave you brainwashed and failing that at the very least with a mild frontal lobe trauma. What it all means, who knows, perhaps Puffinboy himself wouldn’t be able to adequately explain.'

L'Entrepot, May 2003

'Puffinboy heeft zijn tweede singel uit en is weer cyber punk as hell. "Voodoo for beginners" is de titel track en heeft naast de mix van minimale electro en vet bas en drum werk ook een sensueel klinkende Franse vrouwen stem. De B kant is een live opgenomen nummer, "Meaningless Muttering" met echte drums, en de bas gitaar staan weer centraal alsook de knipoog naar de body muziek van de jaren tachtig blijft. Puffinboy is een kruisbestuiving van de lekkere 80-ies kitsch pop van Vive La Fête en de stampende electro punk van Salaryman. Twee sterke plaatjes en FoolProof is samen met bijvoorbeeld het Dead Digital label sterk op weg om een nieuwe impuls te geven aan de populaire muziek met een lekker pretentieloze mix van dance, punk, rock en retro toestanden. (tom ***,1/2)'

Soit dit en passant, May 2003

'Encore plus désossé PUFFINBOY produit un white dub cabossé déroutant. Comme si une escouade de punks avaient piétiné On-U-Sound et que le maçon d'Adrian Sherwood avait tout remis en place à la va-vite. Guitare tordue et post-prod. Etrange mixture en provenance des drôles de types qui nous rendront, si nous persistons dans l'écoute, foolproof, blindé aux tordus.'