PRJ026 - Medicine and Duty Scorps

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  1. Apollo
  2. Feral Arcade
  3. Cutting a Safe Crossing
  4. Scorps
  5. Ring the Arm
  6. Golgo
  7. Priestray
  8. The Sun Crutch

Format: CD-R
Price: £7.00
Released: May 2012
150 Copies

Reviews for Scorps

KFJC 89.7FM, July 2012

'UK-based trio, Andy Pyne (drums, percussion) and Matt Colgate (synth, percussion, voices) of Raised By Wolves accompanied by Jack Cooper (samples, synth, voices). Glitchy, scratchy, quiet then loud, occasional yelling, very percussive, but also electronic. Get ready to go deep inside your mind ’cause this is heady, I imagine Cy Thoth trancing out to this, even though it gets disturbing sometimes. Track 3 is amazing, it goes through a minimal glitchy part in the beginning and transforms into this groovy stoney, psyched out jam toward the end in ten minutes of fun.
Pleasantly surprised it’s all improvisation too, makes the album and the sound more playful. We have quite a few albums in the library already (check them out too!) and this release is definitely a step forward in the sound they seem to have been nurturing. This is some good sheet, hop on under the covers…'

Brighton Source, July 2012

'Medicine And Duty’s eighth album finds the trio continuing down their idiosyncratic path of downbeat electronic improv. Drummer Andy Pyne’s kit work runs from nailed down certainty to loose percussive scatterings, while bandmates Matt Colegate and Jack Cooper ride on top with a trunkful of radioactive synths, deep bass and indistinct vocal mutterings and interjections. At one moment, ‘Scorps’ sounds like unearthed rehearsal tapes from a dank post punk bunker, at the next, some extra terrestrial dubstep groove.'