PRJ015 - Ron Caines/Andy Pyne Continuous Line



  1. Breathing space #1
  2. Meditations in an emergency
  3. Voicer
  4. Bright field
  5. Breathing space #2
  6. Continuous Line
  7. Art of memory
  8. Counter-clockwise strategies
  9. Breathing space #3
  10. Sunlight on a grand parade

Format: CD-R
Price: £5.00
Released: May 2009
100 Copies

Reviews for Continuous Line

Jazzwise, December 2009

'Here is a slightly odd couple making something that works surprisingly well. Ron Caines was saxophonist in late-1960's psych/prog originals East of Eden, and is now an accomplished visual artist. Andy Pyne is a couple of decades his junior, and drummer in spiky electric No-Wave trio Medicine and Duty. Both are Brighton-based and began playing together as members of the city's Safehouse Collective. The result is this album of improvisations that take a fresh quint at the Interstellar Space format of sax and drum duets. Caines has a terse, succinct tone, not given to overblown histrionics but content, instead, to discover languid, laconic melodies that smoulder with a kind of rueful wisdom. Pyne manages to avoid free-jazz cliche and approaches the jams from a variety of angles - from crisp, brittle snare work to primitive brushing to bouncing toms. Throughout, Pyne's bass-pedal acts as the accelerator. When he puts his foot down, they really do motor.'