PRJ020 - The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon Grooganox

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  1. Shot in the eye
  2. Creatures pet
  3. Family hen science
  4. Fac me, cruce, imflammatus

Format: CD-R
Price: £5.00
Released: July 2010
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Reviews for Grooganox

The Source, October 2010

'If drumming’s your thing, and we mean really, really your thing, you’ll find lots to love here. Billed as new recordings from Brighton’s hexen drum troupe, the CD features four tracks comprising of (and we quote) chaotic percussion rituals, wheezing drones and fractured pianos, although the overall impression is one of drums, drums, drums and drums, accompanied by backing drums and percussion. Not in a Burundi drums kind of way, just lots of drums, all being hit really hard. In fact, the opening track is a 15-minute celebration of hitting drums really hard. Really, really hard. (NC)'